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Waffle wearing his cap


At the age of 10, Théo set up his first pop-rock band "Distant Trip" and became singer-songwriter.

He reconverted in 2013 in electronic music and develops his own ambient style rock, electro, hip-hop, in which he mixes his taste for film music.

Addicted to the guitar, he is inspired by artists such as Madeon, Chainsmokers and Ofenback to develop a deep and warm music.

He will join a sound engineer school in Paris that will allow him to finalize, Masterize and unveil himself to the public as WAFFLE with his first EP "Alone" released in March 2018.

Present on several fronts, Theo works with international rappers and singers in the realization of beat, instrumental and others.

Increasingly demanded on stage, WAFFLE is already in the realization of his next EP which will complete the first one in the creation of a live performance.


  Albums / EPs





All We Are

Waffle Ft. TWELF

My Mind


Trevor Guthrie (Waffle)


Mike Williams Ft. Matluck (Waffle)

Another Night

Quintino & Nervo (Waffle)

Lost In You

Lucas And Steve (Waffle)

Up Till Dawn

Mrs.Mr. Ft. Lizzy Land (Waffle)

Ben Phipps

TELYKast (Waffle)

There For You

Waffle caps Signature

Only available in France, unique size, 4 colors (black, beige, blue and red).

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I'm always looking for singers / musicians for my next songs, please leave me a message !